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So many people make this mistake of thinking that EasyLinks is just a link tracking platform. They couldn’t be more WRONG! Our vision for EasyLinks was to build a platform that will handle all your marketing needs when it had ANYTHING to do with creating a link.
One of the agenda items was to create the module we call the "PRORotator". This idea was adapted off a very old "bare bones" rotator that we had a few years ago. Back then it was a Wordpress plugin, but the overall strategy was SOLID!
However, I think you’ll agree that EasyLinks PRORotator is unbeatable! It’s not only the most powerful of it’s kind, but it’s also VERY EASY!
Quality platform with so many features for businesses and internet marketers - Chad and the team really listen to everyone to create software that solves problems and makes life easier. Love how easy it allows rotators, tracking and split testing (plus more)
-Tim Munro
EasyLinks LITE with
Developer License
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The EasyLinks PRORotator is our Secret Weapon to some very lucrative strategies. When you have this tool working, you have complete control and flexibility! We use this in our emails, paid advertising and our general promotional campaigns!
Create Your Rotator Link!
The very first thing you want to do is create your rotator link! This is such a simple process. You are going to follow the same steps as the Link Bank and create a campaign in about 10 seconds. That’s it! Remember, our goal is to actually use the software so we’ve done everything we can to make it EASY TO USE!
Create Your Destination Links & Set Your Controls!
The next step is to add in your destination links. You have two choices you can either pull in an existing Easy Link from the Link Bank or you can add a custom url.
With the click of a mouse you are able to decide what you want to show up when your visitor clicks on your rotation link. Even though you may have a series of links in here, you can pause the ones you don’t want to be shown for the time being.
Checkout Your Results!
With the rotator statistics you are able to get a very quick snap shot as to the activity that is taking place with your rotator links!
It gives you quick access to change out your links, groups and so much more! You’re also able to very easily change the status from your rotator statistics.
There are 4 different rotations to choose from!
  • Normal Rotation
  • Split Rotation
  • Random Rotation
  • Scarcity Rotation
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Grab your copy of EasyLinks LITE with Developer Rights Today... One Time Payment $235 $47
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EasyLinks Lite
Developer Rights
With Developers rights you can now create campaigns for your clients and offer them Link Management as a service - we host them under our 'cloaked domain' and you keep all the profit.
You could also add your clients domain in your member area and create special branded tracking links for them and you can export and give the reports
80% OFF
Grab your copy of EasyLinks LITE with Developer Rights Today... One Time Payment $235 $47
After the launch this will be a monthly subscription level.
EasyLinks Lite
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